by Betsy Kuhn


A memory journal for women elders.


About A Counting of Crows

Both a Story & a Journal

Take my hand. Follow me to the feet of the storyteller Spider Woman who sings the world into being. Follow a mother and her son into the parched desert of the heart. Listen. Death lies close to life, the way a canyon steps off into a cloud or a crow calls out into night. We count them, these crows, these moments of rich black we peer through to see the dawn. What was dark becomes a window of grace.

“Betsy’s new book is a tale of a life-changing experience that she subsequently dreamed, wrote, and painted into myth and meaning.” — Angela Werneke, Illustrator of the Medicine Cards

Betsy’s words—compelling as a novel and spiritual as a poem—drew me in deeply. Then quickly her story was over and I was asked to recall my own life-altering spiritual memories and dreams. Her thoughtful remembrances and expressive paintings will touch your soul.”

 —Wendy Jordan, spiritual healer, Reiki master

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My background was in Counseling Psychology and Art Therapy with a BA in Fine Art and a Masters in Counseling Psychology. My career has been working with young children and families in school and private settings. I live in Tesuque, New Mexico.

We were raised in a very traditional Catholic setting that surely informed many of our early drawings of angels, devils and spirits. These were alive and intense images that were with me in my waking day and in my dream life. It is likely that the restraint and the hidden nature of our family’s limits that catapulted me into my career as a family counselor. I have been particularly interested in Jungian psychology and the nature of the archetypal mind. My work with children and families was centered around images rather than words. Clients would actually tell me their stories by selecting objects and placing them in a Sandtray. In this way, they could tell me about their world and their stories.

What a natural precondition to be now fully claiming art as what I love to do! I love painting and drawing the New Mexico landscape because I love being out in it. I spend lots of time at Ghost Ranch, Georgia Okeefe’s home, and in Taos, New Mexico, where I recently completed a three month Artist Residency at the Wurlitzer Institute. As a painter, I am now continuously exploring both the inner and outer landscape of my life.

I invite you to now to count what arises for you in this journal – assembled in New Mexico and France with Love & Gratitude to Spider Woman, my family and friends, and this lifetime as Betsy Kuhn.


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